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Contribution Guidelines#

Before you begin:

Before you make your changes, check to see if an issue exists already for the change you want to make.

Don't see your issue? Open one#

If you spot something new, open an issue using a template. We'll use the issue to have a conversation about the problem you want to fix.

Make your update:#

Make your changes to the file(s) you'd like to update.

  • Are you making changes to the application code? You'll need Node.js v16 to run the site locally.

Open a pull request#

When you're done making changes and you'd like to propose them for review, use the pull request template to open your PR (pull request).

Submit your PR & get it reviewed#

  • Once you submit your PR, others from the Docs community will review it with you. The first thing you're going to want to do is a self review.
  • After that, we may have questions, check back on your PR to keep up with the conversation.
  • Did you have an issue, like a merge conflict? Check git tutorial on how to resolve merge conflicts and other issues.

Your PR is merged!#

Congratulations! The whole Authdog community thanks you. ✨

Once your PR is merged, you will be proudly listed as a contributor in the contributor chart.

Keep contributing as you use Authdog Open source#

Now that you're a part of the Authdog community, you can keep participating in many ways.

Self review#

You should always review your own PR first.

For content changes, make sure that you:

  • Confirm that the changes meet the user experience and goals outlined in the content design plan (if there is one).
  • Compare your pull request's source changes to staging to confirm that the output matches the source and that everything is rendering as expected. This helps spot issues like typos, content that doesn't follow the style guide, or content that isn't rendering due to versioning problems. Remember that lists and tables can be tricky.
  • Review the content for technical accuracy.
  • Check new or updated Liquid statements to confirm that versioning is correct.
  • If there are any failing checks in your PR, troubleshoot them until they're all passing.