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Want to help translating the docs?

Translation Guidelines#

For the time being, we're not using any third party translation platform such as crowdin.

In order to be able to support us with new languages, exotic typos or maintaining existing translation, you can refer to our GitHub repo, and following the tree based translation structure.

What is i18n?

i18n folder structure#

i18n└── fr    ├── code.json    └── docusaurus-plugin-content-docs        └── current            └── [folder]                └── [generated].mdx

i18n Translations#

There's one way to translate content in easyjwt documentation

Translating string or specific code block#

Update the file i18n/[language]/code.json. Here's below an example of code.json file:

{  "hero-tagline": {    "message": "JSON Web Token simplifié",    "description": "Hero CTA is used on the homepage, in the hero"  },    "hero-cta": {      "message": "Démarrez en 2 minutes ⏱️",      "description": "Hero CTA is used on the homepage, in the hero"    }}
  • message (mandatory): is the translation corresponding to the specific locale for the selected id
  • description (mandatory): is a field to give more details about this translation

Every translation is based on english documentation markdown.x structure and generated as translated markdown(x) files in the right folder following metadata from i18n-meta folder.